For you and for us

Protocube comes up in 2006, from the idea of three friends linked by a great passion in common: the 3D world.

Soon, the idea shows up to be successful. The First Special Prize UN.I.VER START CUP allows Leonardo, Daria and Alberto to make their dream become a profession.

Protocube emerges nationwide as a pioneer in 3D printing and digital manufacturing technologies. An actual target: make ideas take shape. In 3D.

Thanks to the know how acquired through researches, design and production, we are steadily active in training and divulging, taking part periodically to conventions, conferences and 3D related events.

The young, dynamic and innovative 3D technologies oriented nature of the company makes us proud with an increasingly great number of publications, prizes and achievements, both national and international.

What’s our secret? A multidisciplinary team, consisting of experts able to meet any need. With the enthusiasm and sincere passion for 3D which led us to accept this fascinating challenge.

After ten years of independent activity, Protocube joins the Reply’s company network. The stated aim is to enhance the expertise in 3D technologies on a wider range of applications.

Leonardo Peretti
Daria Tirone
Technical Director
Marco Cravero
Creative Director
Valerio Fissolo
Development Lead
Matteo Trianni
3D Modeler
Enrico Casetta
UI/UX Designer
Laura Venturi
Unity Developer
Giovanni Villani
3D Artist
Fabio Maglio
Product Designer
Luca Folletto
Unity Developer
Marco Esposito
3D Visual & Motion Designer
Simone Giaretto
Full Stack Developer
Roberto Salerno
Full Stack Developer
Luca Martini
3D Developer
Giovanni Cassone
Full Stack Developer
Dario Civallero
3D Technical Artist
Giuseppe Garone
Claudio Gianfrate
Caterina Greco
Press, Communication, Events
Francesco La Trofa
Giovanni Bonaventura



2006 – Premio Speciale UN.I.VER

2011 – Inserimento nel PIF Design e Alta Gamma Centro estero Torino

2013 – Imprese Innovative Torino