mirafiori dopo il mito

Mirafiori after the legend

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“The project ‘Mirafiori dopo il Mito’ arises from the desire to investigate what’s left behind the long wave of mass production of the large Fordist factory. I believe that nobody has ever delved deeply into these places to understand what they have become, what’s behind the image of Mirafiori, the former industrial hub of our country. Which kind of society, environment, behaviours?”. These were the words of Giuseppe Berta, historian and professor of History of Industry at Bocconi University. He is also the scientific coordinator of Mirafiori dopo il Mito, a travelling exhibition organised by the non-profit Fondazione della Comunità di Mirafiori (Mirafiori Community Foundation), supported by Compagnia di San Paolo and co-curated by Polo del ‘900, which houses the official exhibition, scheduled from 11 to 25 October 2019.

The exhibition Mirafiori dopo il Mito acts as a catalyst for a much wider range of initiatives, which will take place throughout several appointments and public meetings. They are meaningful insights on a research study that inquired all the inhabitants, students and producers on what Mirafiori means to them today. It analyses how its inhabitants live, how they use the spaces, what the economic and social indicators are, what they recall about the big changes in the neighbourhood and what kind of future they think is awaiting. The picture that emerges today is that of a neighbourhood that focuses on regeneration and transformation through technology, the development of a new green awareness, research, the plurality of group endeavours and the liveliness of the forms of sociality that make this area of the city vital and unique.

Mirafiori dopo il Mito depicts “the miracle of a story that continues despite history”. Mirafiori is a district whose name evokes a well-known industrial history, the emblematic paradigm of an urban transition similar to that occurred in other industrial hubs around the world. The guiding thread that links the structure of yesterday’s Mirafiori and the one of today is represented by its inhabitants, who make the changes day by day.

Protocube Reply is the technical partner of the initiative, in charge of the production of the model that represents the “shared story” behind the neighbourhood’s projects.

render plastico mirafiori dopo il mito

A preview rendering of the model of the exhibition “Mirafiori dopo il Mito”. The model shows the main initiatives and projects carried out in the district, relating them to the main players and thematic insights, which can be accessed by reading the QR code on the map (credit: Protocube Reply)

For further information on the exhibition and the program of ongoing initiatives, please check the official website of Mirafiori dopo il Mito, where all the materials produced will be uploaded, according to a project coordinated by a research group of the Polytechnic University of Turin – Department of Architecture and Design.

mirafiori dopo il mito 3D

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Official website of the Fondazione della Comunità Mirafiori – http://www.fondazionemirafiori.it

Official website of Compagnia di San Paolo – http://www.compagniadisanpaolo.it