Lanieri 3D Experience

Lanieri 3D Experience

The first 3D customizer for tailored garments

Committent: Lanieri - Natural Gentleman s.r.l.


Development of an online shirts customizer featuring an absolute level of realism.


Cloud-based 3D app integrated with the e-commerce solution present in their official website.

Lanieri is the brand par excellence in the field of omnichannel fashion, with a digital shopping experience hinged upon online customisation of tailored suits. A successful idea, made possible thanks to a 3D configurator that provides customers with a realistic relationship with clothing and offers the company an integrated collection management system to implement millions of product variations in real-time.

The Italian style is among the most popular ones, but also among the most expensive ones if we consider the usual sales channels. The idea of Lanieri is to offer online the best of Made in Italy tailoring, and to make the shopping experience more and more similar to the one in the store, thanks to the new 3D Customizer“. With these words, Simone Maggi, CEO and co-founder of  Lanieri, summarizes the reasons why the company from Biella, one of the most promising start-ups of fashion in Italy, has relied on Protocube Reply: to shorten the distance between the virtual and the real, revolutionizing the experience of their e-commerce channel thanks to the extreme realism in displaying their tailored shirts.

Lanieri offers a hybrid sales experience, multi-channel, with an e-commerce platform supported by the consultancy of ateliers in the area, where customers can undergo an advanced 3D body scanning process, physically view the fabric samples and enjoy the advice of a fashion expert.

One of the main barriers in the online experience is the difficulty in the ability to display the products realistically. If the potential customer can not figure out exactly from the website how the item will look like, he will hardly purchase, keeping preferring the experience of the physical store. This aspect, in a sector such as tailored clothing, plays a key factor by which the commercial success of a company depends.

That’s way it was essential for  Lanieri to develop a system able to show to their customers a perfect preview of their shirts.

camicia configuratore 3d lanieri realismo

The 3D customizer by Lanieri is able to display a preview of the shirt from many view points. The customer can then have a realistic perception of the item customized by his own choices.

The 3D customizer by Lanieri revolutionizes the standards on the market. This is the first example in Italy of such a solution designed for tailored suits. Through the use of cloud technologies and high level Computer Graphics programming technologies, the 3D customizer guarantees an extreme quality of the virtual images of the product, combined with an unprecedented quickness of display, also on mobile devices”. These are the words of the CTO Daniele Di Bernardo, who followed step by step the implementation in the e-commerce platform of an app as simple to use, as advanced in the development logic.

camicia polsino realismo 3d tessuto

The realistic representation of the product is the result of a number of aspects realted to the physics of the fabric. This can considerably vary the folds of the sleeve and all the other parts of the shirt. By selecting different types of cuffs, the customer can understand in detail how the item tha is going to wear behaves. This is the result of a very advanced simulation process at the base of the digital 3D model creation. A credible model and a photo-realistic rendering are the essential requirements for a product customizer designed for e-commerce.

The 3D customizer, created by Protocube Reply, is the result of a very thorough process of research and development. Starting from the photographic acquisition of the fabric samples, through the 3D modelling with advanced simulation processes that can render the physical characteristics of all the materials in the catalogue in a realistic way. The application combines the different parts of the shirt with the user interaction through an interface made up of five simple and intuitive steps, which allows you to customize every detail, to manage your cart and complete the purchase.

Lanieri 3D experience interfaccia

Lanieri 3D Experience allows you to configure your shirt in five easy steps. The GUI is greatly simplified, in order to make the customization process intuitive, which is made up of a high variety of parts.

“Lanieri 3D Experience” is an online 3D customizer in the true sense of the word, thanks to a cloud infrastructure that can render photorealistic images of the product in near real time. Thanks to a series of advanced optimizations, the server on which the application works is able to update the render of the product in a few milliseconds. The response speed of an e-commerce customizer is a competitive advantage, undervalued sometimes, but more than ever crucial to positively impress the customer.

Lanieri CAMICIA 3D bottoni

The 3D customizer by Lanieri lets you interact with every single detail of the shirt, including buttons, threads and custom embroidery.

Based on the results obtained with the shirts customizer, Lanieri is planning to extend the 3D Experience to other products in its offer, which features dresses, jackets, trousers, blazers and vests. All this, in order to make the shopping experience of its custom-made suits more immersive and exciting.

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