Promoting 3D Culture. The role of events

Promoting 3D Culture. The role of events 1024 576 Protocube Reply

As well as exercising an active role in the production of content and applications with the purpose of meeting the challenges of innovation, Protocube Reply confirms its effort in promoting that which 3D technologies are and are able to achieve in the various business sectors, as they revolutionize our digital experience. In fact, Protocube Reply has take part in the 8th edition of the Udine 3D Forum, an event recording excellent public and critical appraisal, hosting a total of 1,000 businesses.

In the era of “you can find it all online”, events are increasingly crucial as moments to share and promote the experiences and visions developed in the professional world and in research. As for Protocube Reply, it has done this through two workshops in which it showed how 3D CAD and rendering are tools that can powerfully change the efficiency of corporate processes – from concept design to sales.

3D Loves Digital Marketing – speaker: Valerio Fissolo

Digital and 3D technology are increasingly on everyone’s lips, but how many know how to really use them to resolve the various demands in the digital marketing field? Today, 3D content has become the essential raw material for any successful digital experience. The 3D model developed in the product design phase turns out to also come in handy for a myriad of other uses – including communication – and its process generates a considerable reduction in manufacturing costs and time. By means of the presentation of case studies and real-life examples, the workshop involved the practical demonstration of how to create and handle a 3D model in a way that is efficient and appealing to the potential client, and fully coherent with the brand guidelines.

Real Time Rendering… for Real Time Decisions – speaker: Francesco La Trofa

Real Time Rendering is a growingly accessible technology, in terms of both hardware and software. With the support of the main rendering tools (V-Ray, Eevee, etc.) and top Game Engines (Unity, Unreal Engine, Unigine, etc.), this tool allows a real time visualization of one’s interactions, making them accessible not only to 3D CAD experts, but also to stakeholders involved in the decision-making process: customers, marketing departments, etc. Real Time Rendering = Real Time Decisions: technology which – just yesterday – was exclusive to the big videogame companies is now within anyone’s reach, and learning how to use it is all it takes to bring enormous advantages to your company. The workshop offered an overview of this intriguing and innovative technological scenario, even in VR mode.

The Udine 3D Forum was also the occasion to present the new book #VR Developer. Il creatore di mondi in realtà virtuale ed aumentata (#VR Developer. The creator of VR and AR worlds) to those present. The publication is focused on immersive technology jobs, which are in growing demand among all business sectors. The book – part of the #ProfessioniDigitali (#DigitalJobs) book series, edited by Franco Angeli – includes a wide range of direct witnesses and case studies, including an interview to Filippo Rizzante (CTO at Reply), a focus on virtual prototyping (Protocube Reply), the use of immersive technology in rehabilitation programs (Forge Reply), and the Reply Area 360 research and development center.

Udine 3D Forum is an event dedicated to Artificial Intelligence, IoT, BIM, Computer Graphics, and 3D Printing, organized by Confartigianato Udine (the leading Italian institution for the handcraft sector and SMEs) with the aim to promote and spread the use of new technology in the design, development, and manufacturing world. For more information, visit