Protocube Reply at ITMA fair 2023

Protocube Reply at ITMA fair 2023 1024 576 Protocube Reply

From the 8th to the 14th of June in Milan, Rho Fiera, the prestigious ITMA fair will take place, the largest international exhibition dedicated to textile and clothing technology. During this globally significant event, experts, innovators, and decision-makers will come together to share the latest trends, present cutting-edge products, and establish fruitful collaborations.

Protocube Reply will be a guest of X-Rite Pantone®, who will be exhibiting, confirming their prominent position in the industry and their commitment to providing superior quality solutions. From color measurement systems to advanced management software, the exhibited products will represent the evolution of textile technology and future solutions for the industry, optimizing production processes, reducing waste, and ensuring high-quality results.

The partnership between Protocube Reply and X-Rite Pantone® combines Protocube Reply’s expertise in creating, visualizing, and managing 3D assets with X-Rite Pantone®’s color management proficiency. Together, they develop advanced solutions that allow companies to accurately visualize products in 3D and manage color precisely and consistently, achieving impeccable visual results.

Protocube Reply will showcase the Reply 3D Platform, a cloud-based platform that strategically integrates 3D technologies into the Product Development process in the Fashion and Luxury sectors, along with applications developed for various players in the textile industry.

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