Reply XCHANGE 2023

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An Immersion in Omnichannel Innovation and Artificial Intelligence.

On 5th and 6th July, Protocube Reply participated in Reply’s XCHANGE 2023 event, held every year as an extraordinary opportunity to discover the latest advances in technology and how they are shaping the future of business innovation. The event focused on Artificial Intelligence, an ever-evolving industry that offers tremendous opportunities for digital transformation and customer experience optimization.
The event took place in three exciting stages in London, Munich and Milan, where Protocube Reply presented cutting-edge projects and addressed topics of relevance in the era of artificial intelligence and omnichannel.


Protocube Reply participated in the event with three installations, each dedicated to cutting-edge projects:

  • Contents Visualizations for the Luxury Sector: This booth showcased high-quality 3D assets tailor-made for the luxury sector. The amazing visualizations come to life on cutting-edge devices such as the Nubia Pad 3D tablet and the revolutionary Proto-M holographic device, satisfying the different preferences and needs of users through the Reply 3D Platform, a proprietary DPC (Digital Product Creation) solution.
  • Configure and shop your look: This booth offered a unique shopping experience, similar to a pop up store, using several large holographic devices such as Proto Epic and ARHTCAPSULE. These devices project objects and people with extraordinary realism, allowing for a truly immersive experience of product configuration, carting, payment and in-store collection. Thanks to the collaboration with Triplesense Reply Italia and Retail Reply, the company has demonstrated how the physical and virtual worlds can merge into a personalized and engaging shopping experience.
  • Generative AI: This corner showcased Protocube Reply’s innovative solution which exploits generative artificial intelligence to create 3D textures. This cutting-edge technology enhances 3D modeling and unlocks new creative possibilities, ensuring unique, high-quality textures suited to the needs of each project.


Arriving at Superstudio Events in Milan, the Protocube Reply team had the opportunity to share their expertise through two exciting talks.

In the first talk, entitled “Revolutionizing Retail With Ai-Generated Digital Twins For Seamless Omnichannel Experiences“, Daria Tirone and Valentina Cardile of Retail Reply illustrated a new approach to product information management, using generative artificial intelligence and the 3D platform to create so-called “digital twins“. Creating digital products reduces time to market, brings numerous other advantages and, last but not least, feeds new sales channels with virtual goods, providing brands with new business opportunities for an increasingly varied and demanding audience.


In the second talk, “Transforming Retail: Reply’s 3D Innovations Meets Adobe Experience Platform“, Dario Civallero and Alessandro Pietra of Aktive Reply presented centralized, user-friendly and multi-channel digital solutions that increase customer engagement and CRO optimization in ecommerce. The integration between Protocube Reply’s 3D innovations and the Adobe Experience platform makes it possible to offer an extraordinary shopping experience, enriched by interactive and engaging elements.


Reply’s XCHANGE 2023, like every year, was an overwhelming success, in which Protocube proved to be the star of excellence.

Thanks to the collaboration with other Reply realities, such as Retail Reply and Aktive Reply, Protocube has continued its innovation mission, while talks and stands have allowed the company to present cutting-edge projects in the field of artificial intelligence and of e-commerce, demonstrating how technology can transform the shopping experience and open up new opportunities in the retail and luxury sectors.
With cutting-edge solutions and engaging presentations, Protocube Reply has once again proven to be a leader in innovation and an exciting future lies ahead for the company’s digital and 3D solutions.