xyzbag gretel cell formnext 2019

Xyzbag Gretel Cell at Formnext 2019

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The XYZBAG Gretel CELL handbag is among the design case studies selected by HP for its stand at Formnext 2019, the most important event on additive manufacturing and industrial production.

From 19 to 22 November, thousands of visitors could see first-hand the innovative bag concept created by Annalisa Nicola (from XYZBAG) in collaboration with Protocube Reply and HP. The shape of CELL is inspired and created by mathematical algorithms with 3D generative software which make each model unique. CELL’s design can only be achieved through additive manufacturing methods, as in the case of 3D printing. In particular, Protocube Reply took care of the procedural and parametric generation of CELL’s 3D model, while HP contributed to its production, using the proprietary material HP PA 12 with high reusability.


A CELL prototype on display at Formnext 2019 (credit: XYZBAG)

XYZBAG’s handbags are currently on display at the collective exhibition The Korner Pop Up, set up at Mondo temporary store (via Roma 247, Turin). Among the models that visitors will see in the evocative Turin location, there are concepts developed by XYZBAG in collaboration with Protocube Reply’s technologies, including CELL and NATURE models. The collective exhibition The Korner Pop Up can be freely visited until 31 December 2019. In addition to XYZBAG, other innovative brands will be present from different areas of fashion.

protocube the korner popup

Openly set up with temporary criteria, The Korner Pop Up store represents a creative happening in the context of Christmas holidays (credit: The Korner Pop Up)

Gretel Natura stampa 3D

Gretel Nature is one of the results of the collaboration between XYZBAG and Protocube Reply, which took care of generating the 3D model from which the production of the singular floral-themed concept derives. Made in 3D printing, it has a very high definition which emphasises its details and chiaroscuro effects (credit: XYZBAG)

To learn more about the issues of sustainability and uniqueness at the base of XYZBAG design, we suggest reading the interview with Annalisa Nicola on 3D STORIES, in which she clarifies the role of 3D technologies during customisation and on-demand production of a handbag.

xyzbag cell stampa 3D the korner pop up

Turinese designer Annalisa Nicola (from XYZBAG) showcasing her creations at The Korner Pop Up (credit: XYZBAG)