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FIXED @ Blender Conference 2017

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The 3D Configurator of FIXED, the revolutionary wheelchair by Able to Enjoy, has been among the protagonists of the Blender Conference 2017.

The project, realized with Blender on the basis of the platform WebGL Blend4Web, was officially selected among the presentations given at De Balie in Amsterdam, which gathered all the leading experts from the most important Open Source projects currently active in the field of 3D graphics.

This is an significant recognition by one of the most important communities in the world of 3D, which sustains the continued commitment to combining and supporting the research and development of applications that provide customers and partners with all the benefits of the most advanced technologies.

By supporting Open Source technology like that of Blender, Protocube Reply is able to guarantee the customizability of the tools used to address any type of operational need that may arise in projects of all levels of complexity.

The talk about the 3D Configurator of Fixed scheduled at the Blender Conference focused both on technical issues related to the development with Blender and Blend4Web and on those related to the interface, designed to provide a user experience with a fashion inspiration in order to finally step away from the typical medical perspective that accompanies these types of products. The aim is to ensure the ability to customize the wheelchair in its every aesthetic and ergonomic detail, with the immediate feedback that only a real-time rendering technology can provide.

Full details on the 3D Configurator of the Fixed wheelchair by Able to Enjoy.

Configuratore 3D Blender Conference

A detail of the interface of the 3D configurator of Fixed, based on Blend4Web technology and designed specifically for web and e-commerce. (Credits Able to Enjoy)

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