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Poltrona Frau: the new e-shop is online, in 3D

Poltrona Frau: the new e-shop is online, in 3D 1024 554 Protocube Reply

Reply marks a further step in the digital transformation of Poltrona Frau, a leading brand both for product quality and the exclusive experience offered to its refined customers. The new e-shop on Poltrona Frau’s website allows users to view, configure and purchase online a range of products from the collection, including furniture and accessories.

The new virtual store of Poltrona Frau is the result of a unified endeavour of the Reply team. Triplesense Reply took care of the UX/UI design, which is fundamental in the restyling and strategic revision of the website poltronafrau.com. Open Reply has implemented the site’s content management system (CMS), while Protocube Reply has developed the 3D configurator that allows customers to customise and add to the virtual shopping cart not only the famous leather armchairs and sofas but also lamps, bookcases, beds, tables, chairs, desks and furnishing accessories. A comprehensive approach that, following the explicit desire of the brand, aims to “offer high-quality furniture that reflects upon the quality of life”.

poltrona frau eshop 3d configurator

The main page of the new e-shop, which allows customers to customise and purchase online a wide selection of products.

poltrona frau eshop configuratore 3d

The minimal interface of the 3D configurator allows the customer to express their creativity without any distraction.

In terms of communication, Poltrona Frau chose a policy of full transparency, which includes sharing the 3D models of the individual elements – downloadable in various formats – and constantly displaying the selling price. The virtual shop of Poltrona Frau is already active in Italy and will soon be localised for other European countries.

The new e-shop inherits the feature of creating a customer experience, already used in other contexts such as the Salone del Mobile 2017 (the Milan Furniture Fair) with the aim of engaging the customer in a simple and intuitive customisation process, displaying the product realistically, in real-time. This result was made possible thanks to the enormous digitisation work carried out on the combinations of solid wood, the fabrics and all the variations of the 12 legendary Pelle Frau® collections.

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