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Protocube Reply obtained the HYPERVSN certification

Protocube Reply obtained the HYPERVSN certification 700 394 Protocube Reply


Protocube Reply has obtained the Content Creation Certification from HYPERVSN, the company that introduced the revolutionary 3D holographic technology to create brand experiences with high visual impact for events, exhibitions and retailers.

The research and development department of Protocube Reply has passed the training and testing phases imposed by the official certification program of HYPERVSN. This means Protocube Reply is now qualified to create and publish 3D content directly on the official platform.

The agreement with the English based company establishes exclusive terms aimed at providing Protocube Reply with the best conditions and the most up-to-date tools to develop digital marketing experiences for its customers.

Featuring a proprietary LED technology, the 3D holographic systems of HYPERVSN are specifically designed to capture the attention of users, especially in contexts that are saturated with content, where the real challenge is differentiating your content from the competition.