Friuli Stadium

Friuli Stadium

The new Udinese Calcio stadium

Client: Udinese Calcio


Scale model of the project for the new Friuli stadium.


1:200 scale model created starting from the architectural plans. Full colour 3D printing technologies allowed the optimization of each detail of the stadium, in order to provide a solution characterized by great realism for the promotion of the initiative from Udinese Calcio.

The three-phase construction of the Friuli stadium enhanced the role of the model in supporting the overview of the works. A marketing operation masterfully coordinated by the management of Udinese Calcio FC to faithfully transmit the brand’s renewal concept and its involvement in the territory and the football team community.

Strongly desired by its patron, Giampaolo Pozzo, the new Friuli Stadium in Udine represents the second property plant in Italy, after Turin’s Juventus Stadium.

Inspired in the concept by Lisbon’s Josè Alvalade, the stadium started hosting the Udinese Calcio matches from 2014/15 season.

Protocube has been appointed to make the scale model of the project, used by Friulian Club for the presentation and promotion of their initiative, considering that the building is planned to be built in three steps.

Since the stadium started being used much earlier than its completion, the model, installed at the Club headquarters, is the main mean to show the building in its whole.

stadio friuli progetto architettonico

The architectural plans of the Friuli Stadium in Udine, made by Area Progetto Associati di Perugia

Using the architectural plan as reference, Protocube development team has modelled the whole stadium in 3D, paying attention to all the details of the project, among which the colourful seats are well visible. A curious choice, made in order to give the stadium a constant choreography, despite the eventuality that the thirty thousand seats of the final configuration could remain partially empty.

curva stampa3d

The model has been entirely 3D printed. The technology used (sandstone) allows to obtain each single part of the model already coloured as decided during the creative process.

The client has strongly wished a high level of realism, in order to emphasize some peculiarities which mark the difference between the Friuli Stadium and other stadiums in Italy.


modello finale stampa3d

One of the assembly phases of the 3D printed model. Consisting of a huge amount of components, the model scale has been made with the combined use of several manufacturing techniques, according to the detail level wanted for each element.

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