R2-D2 action figure

The magic of Star Wars takes shape

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R2-D2 action figure

Customer : MAIKII

Year : 2019

Development time : 1 Months

Series production requires a development process in which more skills and technologies converge, as in the case of the creation of the 3D model of the <strong>R2-D2 action figure</strong>, one of the most iconic characters in the <strong>Star Wars</strong> galaxy.

The assignment was commissioned by <strong>Maikii</strong>, the leading brand of licensed merchandising, and was divided into the following steps:
<li>analysis of the “artistic” 3D model sent by Maikii;</li>
<li>optimisation of the initial 3D model;</li>
<li>engineering of the 3D model, breaking down the parts and generating the mathematical formulas for injection printing;</li>
<li>creation of the final prototype in a 1:1 scale (made in 3D printing)</li>
Translating an “artistic” 3D model into a “technical” 3D model is a task that requires seamless collaboration between the <strong>artistic director</strong> and the <strong>designer</strong> in charge of redesigning every detail, taking into account the constraints of the specific technology used for the mould. Even the smallest variation of a detail can substantially affect the general figure. This aspect becomes critical in the case of models based on famous characters, universally recognised by the public.

In addition to being the essence of product modelling, 3D technologies play a key role in verifications. On the one hand, <strong>rendering</strong> allows designers to have a very quick pre-assessment of the details during the modelling phases. On the other, the physical prototypes, made in <strong>3D printing</strong>, give the real perception of the details in a 1:1 scale. This is fundamental to validate the model and <strong>minimise the likelihood of errors</strong> in the final moulds. A considerable saving in time and general project costs.

<img class="size-full wp-image-4703" src="https://protocube.it/wp-content/uploads/2019/10/R2D2-pezzi-stampa-3D.jpg" alt="R2-D2 suddivisione parti per stampa" width="1800" height="898" /> R2-D2 Action Figure – 3D model with a proposed subdivision of the parts intended for injection moulding (credit: Protocube Reply)

<img class="size-full wp-image-4706" src="https://protocube.it/wp-content/uploads/2019/10/R2D2-prototipo-stampa-3D-finale.jpg" alt="R2-D2 prototipo stampa 3D finale" width="1800" height="1214" /> R2-D2 Action Figure – final prototype, made in 3D printing (credit: Protocube Reply)