Darth Vader 3D – Tribe

Darth Vader 3D – Tribe


Client: Maikii


To digitalize a concept of Darth Vader in 3D.


3D modeling, texturing and 3D print prototyping tests of the Darth Vader action figure.

Maikii’s research and development combines traditional processes and the most advanced digital techniques. Adapting the main icons of entertainment to technological objects for practical and daily use involves the constant evolution of the entire product development cycle. This is the case of the digitisation of the concept for the Darth Vader action figure, whose engineering and production study were developed using 3D modelling and printing technologies.

Maikii is a name that is not very well known to the general public, but it happens to be one of the masterpieces of Italian entrepreneurship of the last generation. The company from Treviso, founded by Francesco Poloniato and Matteo Fabbrini, is a world leader in the production of promotional electronics: USB pen drives, power banks, headsets, ear buds, covers and other accessories, customized according to the branding needs of each company.

Tribe Tech is the retail brand of Maikii, with lines of products created to exploit the commercial licensing of the most famous names from the entertainment industry such as Disney, Marvel Comics, DC Comics, Warner Bros and many others. If you happen to see a USB pen drive with the features of the Smurfs, Captain America, Donald Duck or Homer Simpson, there are no doubts that it is a Tribe product.

Darth Vader 3D Gold Collection

The Star Wars Gold Collection is a coordinated line of products launched by Tribe for the release of Star Wars: The Last Jedi. A real must-have for the hardcore fans of the saga created by George Lucas. (Credits Tribe Tech)

In order to improve and optimize the quality of its products, the research and development team of Maikii combines traditional processes and the most advanced digital techniques. To adapt the main entertainment icons to objects of technology with a practical, day-to-day application involves a constant evolution throughout the product development cycle. Such as the case of Darth Vader 3D, for which Protocube Reply managed the digitalization of the concept. It is the stage of development that follows the creative moment and precedes the engineering of the product as destined for production.

The definition of the entire process relating to the 3D modeling of the most popular character of the Star Wars saga began from two-dimensional references supplied by Maikii with all the technical and dimensional specifications. In order to have direct feedback of the result in a 1:1 scale, some test models were created using 3D printing, exploiting different technologies to assess the features of the color replicas and of the monochrome ones, useful to emphasize the geometric details which are fundamental in the aesthetics of small merchandise.

stampa 3D darth vader

3D printing prototypes of Darth Vader. (Credits Protocube Reply)

Darth Vader 3D model

During the concept phase it is essential to visualize the breakdown of the parts as a function of the actual production on a large scale. In these situations rendering and 3D printing act as decision-making facilitators. (Credits Protocube Reply)

For those who wish to learn more about 3D modeling, we prepared a time-lapse video of the creation of a USB thumb-drive of the Hulk, one of the characters of the Avengers collection. The whole process was carried out with Blender, starting from the 2D references provided by the manufacturer. The design takes into account all the constraints regarding the minimum size mandated by the production technologies and materials used. The models for production must incorporate the technological inputs while maintaining the greatest consistency with the artistic concept, so that the character is perfectly recognizable by the general public.

darth vader 3d model

Models for the USB pen drives of Iron Man, Thor, the Hulk and Spiderman, modeled digitally and prototyped with different materials and 3D printing technologies. (Credits Protocube Reply)


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