XME DINDI. The piggy bank of Intesa Sanpaolo


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XME DINDI. The piggy bank of Intesa Sanpaolo

Customer : Intesa Sanpaolo - Made by Reply (Concept Reply, IrisCube Reply, Protocube Reply) and Quercetti

Year : 2018

Development time : 12 Months

Presented on the World Savings Day 2018, XME dindi is a technological piggy bank designed by Intesa Sanpaolo to convey the culture and value of savings to children. It teaches them how to collect and manage their pennies in a technological way, using a digital application, naturally, under parental supervision.
<h6><strong>A kid-friendly piggy bank in line with the educational toys approach</strong></h6>
XME dindi offers a playful experience to actively inspire the education of children: the digital display enables the interaction with the physical piggy bank. Its functions are connected to the services of the app: the XME Conto Up checking account, controlled by a parent, and the inspirational function of XME Piggy Bank. The latter allows the child to set a series of personal goals – such as purchasing a new toy or the ticket for a football game – to be achieved thanks to the savings accumulated.

XME dindi is available in two different versions, the ladybug and the piglet designs, which can be purchased online or at any Intesa Sanpaolo branch on the national territory.

<img class="size-full wp-image-4637" src="https://protocube.it/wp-content/uploads/2019/10/XME-DINDI-3D-cover-family.jpg" alt="XME DINDI 3D cover family protocube" width="2000" height="871" /> The XME Dindi digital piggy bank is composed of two elements: the main body, equipped with an interactive touch display, and the cover in the shape of a ladybug or a piglet, which can be removed at any time to open the rear door of the piggy bank and withdraw the savings kept in there (credit: Reply)

<img class="size-full wp-image-4641" src="https://protocube.it/wp-content/uploads/2019/10/XME-DINDI-3D-UX.jpg" alt="Intesa sanpaolo Salvadanaio fisico kids 3D" width="3000" height="1363" /> XME dindi’s user interface has been designed to allow the child to easily carry out all the necessary operations – updating the goals set through the XME piggy bank and checking the progress made. After entering the money into the piggy bank, the child is requested to update the balance by clicking on the corresponding coin or banknote icon. An engaging process that facilitates learning the value of coins and banknotes (credit: Reply)
<h6><strong>Made in Turin with Reply’s design and Quercetti’s excellence</strong></h6>
Designed in every detail by Reply, XME dindi is the result of the synergy with the vast production know-how of Quercetti, the world-famous Turinese brand, leader in educational toys. Quercetti’s values perfectly embody the principles of the Montessori method, based on creative play, through the tradition of its award-winning reputation. The secret of the success of this company lies in a 100% Turin-based production. From the plastics with which the toy is made, all the way to the instruction manual, every part is made and assembled in-house. This ensures total control over the materials, which are of top-class quality, completely safe for the child and made to last.

Thanks to the clear role of the piggy bank as an educational toy, Intesa Sanpaolo has set up XME dindi workshops, with its first experience held in the extraordinary setting of Lucca Comics &amp; Games. On the occasion*, Andrea Lecce, Sales &amp; Marketing Retail Executive Director at Intesa Sanpaolo, affirmed: <em>“Savings education of children has always been one of the main concern of parents. Today we presented a piggy bank that is modern, innovative, digital and multichannel. The festival Lucca Comics &amp; Games is particularly appropriate for this event because it perfectly matches fantasy with the bank’s intention to bring children closer to money saving through play. The art of saving allows us to widen our choices, especially from an early age, making us more autonomous and aware</em>”.

<em>*Source: Intesa Sanpaolo press release</em>