EACTS 2015 VideoWall

EACTS 2015 VideoWall

Interaction and involvement at the highest level, the easiest way

Client: Kaffeina srl


Interactive presentation of the product range at the main trade fair in the field.


3D multimedia application on a video-wall, with interactive RadarTouch System to explore the characteristics of the products in real time.

The interactive video wall offers an immersive multimedia experience to customers and professionals attending the trade fair. A new way to present products, which customers can touch both physically and virtually, to explore their features and purposes through the most advanced 3D real-time technologies. A complete and impactful overview to engage the public in live events.

The products of a brand leader in the medical sector are characterized by high technological levels, with advanced features for the most advanced applications in the cardio-vascular field.

EACTS (European Association For Cardio-Thoracic Surgery) organizes the main event in the field, which was held in Amsterdam in 2015, Netherlands.

The need to place an interactive VIDEOWALL at the stand aims to provide an immersive experience to customers and professionals at the expo. The purpose is to introduce their products to the public, making them touchable both physically and virtually, exploring features and functionality through the most advanced real-time 3D technologies.

Creating the VIDEOWALL experience involved the analysis of the communication needs in order to create a multimedia and interactive tool. The UI/UX area of Protocube Reply worked in constant cooperation with the communication agency Kaffeina, to define the most effective layout for the interactive 3D presentation EACTS 2015.

videowall sviluppo

Linear development of the VIDEOWALL. The interactive 3D presentation is made up of three main frameworks. On the left, the selection of the entire product range; at the center, the product can be explored in 3D Real Time at 360 degrees; on the right, the contents area, with all the materials in 3D, video-clips and images useful to describe in detail the characteristics of each product.

A powerful tool such as 3D real time visualization allows you to interact with products via touch screen, thanks to RadarTouch technology. Anyone can select, rotate and zoom in on details, in quite an intuitive and direct way. Each product comes along with a real-time animation that shows how it works during the operational phase.

sorin componenti 3D

The entire product range on display at EACTS 2015 has been modelled in 3D, to be loaded and displayed in real time in the VIDEOWALL. For each component it has been realized a 3D Real Time animation too, in order to simulate and display how the products works.

The VIDEOWALL is a multimedia interactive application. In addition to the components in 3D, there is access to video-clips and descriptive images of the product. All the contents are directly selectable and organized, so that it is possible to offer a comprehensive overview to the user, engaging the visitor during the trade fair experience.

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