Client: Hypervsn (partnership)


To find an innovative solution for presentations that can capture the audience’s attention in live experiences.


A 3D hologram system for branded content which supports digital marketing strategies and new business opportunities.

Hypervsn’s 3D holograms are the perfect tool to convey high-impact content through presentations that enhance the brands’ creativity and generate exclusive experiences: product launches, unveilings, live events – contexts in which focusing the attention on the product is essential to impress the audience.

“I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel”. Maya Angelou

The quote by the famous American writer has openly inspired Art Stavenka and Kiryl Chykeyuk, the creators of Hypervsn, the most innovative 3D hologram system for digital presentations. When it was unveiled at CES 2018 in Las Vegas, everyone was fascinated by the bright images hovering in mid-air generated by an innovative LED propeller system. In an interview with Wired, Stavenka showed he has clear ideas about the project: “Our goal is to replace traditional LED screens with our technology. It also works with 2D videos but performs best with 3D rendering because it seems like the object is floating in thin air”.

The goal is clear: to capture everyone’s attention in a live situation with 3D images that can be even quite large without apparent discontinuity. This is made possible by the combination of multiple LED propellers.

Protocube Reply has obtained the official Hypervsn certification and is licensed to create 3D animations for the proprietary platform. The result is a series of 3D presentations that stimulate the creativity of brands to generate truly exclusive experiences, which will no doubt impress the imagination of the observers.


Despite being a new technology, Hypervsn’s LED system has already won many awards, thanks to the success stories of live presentations distributed all over the world. Its flexibility makes it the ideal instrument in many situations that require high-impact visual content, such as product launches, events, exhibitions and all retail experiences that require a specific focus on the product. The launch of Nike on Air in Seoul (South Korea) is a case in point for many of the factors mentioned above.

Retailers can create exclusive set-ups unleashing their creativity. A recurring successful case is showroom windows, such as the fitting Hypervsn has created for Louis Vitton. The setting literally comes to life emphasising the brand and the suggestions it intends to convey to the public.

In addition to supporting the digital marketing strategies of product companies, Hypervsn’s 3D animations are effective in all storytelling contexts. For example, they can show mechanical components, engines and complex machinery, describing their characteristics and explaining their operation, also thanks to 3D exploded views and cutaways. A great example is the experience developed by Hypervsn for ABB.


In addition to high-impact 3D presentations, Hypervsn has different set-ups that can make the experience between the user and the product interactive, building an additional level of engagement. Brands can take advantage of Hypervsn’s interactive set-ups in various environments, such as in-store experiences, where customers can “browse” the 3D products catalogue interactively, displaying the description and configuration of the models. Thanks to a reliable tracking system, the public can have fun and virtually touch the products floating in mid-air with their hands.


Hypervsn’s LED propellers can reproduce and give shape to any animation created on the basis of the 3D models of the product. In this way, any product can be reproduced in an absolutely realistic way.


Hypervsn has performed tests to improve the efficiency of its product, which show how 3D holograms stand out from the crowd (especially, in contexts saturated with visual information), compared to traditional visual content. In particular, it was noted that:

  • presentations can catch the public’s attention and maintain it for a longer time; according to 88% of exhibitors who have used Hypervsn’s experiences at their exhibition stand, 3D holograms allowed their salespeople to start a conversation with a potential customer;
  • thanks to the ability of 3D animation to stimulate curiosity, the user spends a longer time in contact with the product; research conducted at various trade shows has shown that a 3D hologram can increase the attention of the viewer by up to 30 seconds;
  • it’s a new technology which generates the so-called “wow effect” and it’s already very solid: the value of the digital holograms on the market for 2020 is estimated in the order of 5.5 billion dollars. A promising scenario, in which arriving first can be of great advantage;
  • LED technology also adapts to outdoor settings, ensuring maximum flexibility for any kind of experience.

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