Stilolinea S Bella!

Stilolinea S Bella!

The Sales Tool to configure and sell a new product

Client: Stilolinea srl


Create a tool to support the sale of Stilolinea S-Bella! Designed for commercial agents.


Interactive Real-Time 3D customizer for the mobile platforms, with automatic generation of production orders. Full support for connectivity and big data.

A 3D tool designed for sales is a powerful and flexible tool, interfaced with corporate systems. Full connectivity, through which the design, marketing and production staff of the company can acquire, manage and generate data automatically. In line with this purpose, Stilolinea S-Bella! 3D configurator is an easy-to-use sales tool which realistically presents all the product variants.

Stilolinea is an international leader in the design and production of promotional pens.

S Bella!, developed in collaboration with Protocube and the Polytechnic of Turin, is the latest addition to a range of great tradition.  A know-how confirmed by numbers of great success, supporting the Turin-based company to the road of innovation.

S Bella! is produced in ten versions, and presents a number of variables, including colors and accessories, such as to make the customization unthinkable using the traditional instruments. Hence the need for a new generation customizer, able to satisfy all production needs of a company devoted to the Internet of Things, the most advanced industrial paradigm.

s bella placeholder

The customizer has a simple and intuitive user interface, designed to allow the commercial agents do their job with the fewest number of steps required.

A tool designed to sell, hides within himself a powerful and flexible tool, interfaced with enterprise systems. Total connectivity, through which those involved in the design, marketing and production of the company may acquire, manage and generate automatically any kind of data.

The 3D customizer of Stilolinea S Bella! is a mobile application which allows you to:

  • view S Bella! in 3D Real-Time to offer the customer to offer an accurate preview of the product;
  • select and choose among all the available colors and accessorizes;
  • load graphics and logos customized by the customer;
  • customize in an “error free” mode all the parts of S Bella!;
  • acquire the customization data (big data) to support the marketing activities;
  • automatically generate the summary of the customized product;
  • automatically generate an order for the production;
  • automatically generate the executive file for the production;
  • generate and send summary emails to customers and company;
  • dialogue with e-commerce interface (optional)


stilolinea colori

The customizer synthesizes a very articulated color scheme, able to generate a very high amount of combinations, such as to make a commercial process based on traditional solutions complex.

stilolinea render

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