Fiat 500 Configurator

Fiat 500 Configurator

Your car, the way you want it

Client: Bell Production - Fiat Spa


Allow the visitor to interact with the stand of the new Fiat 500, displaying the full range of colours and finishes available.


Interactive installation that allows you to play with the Fiat 500, virtually throwing “bucketfuls” on it.

The exhibit created for the 2010 Geneva Motor Show lets users virtually configure most of the distinguishing features of the new Fiat 500 through a real-time experience with which visitors interact using several dedicated gadgets. Each of these accessories can be configured in various variants which coincide with those presented in the product catalogue.

The Geneva Motor Show represents a milestone for the automotive world. The spotlights are focused on the news from the largest car manufacturers in the world. Being able to differentiate your brand and capture the attention of visitors in such a competitive context is a crucial challenge.

The exhibit installation allows you to virtually customize the new Fiat 500 in many of its details, through a real time experience with which the visitor interacts with a number of items designed for that purpose. Each of these can vary within a range of possibilities, accordingly to the catalogue:

  • A paint container to “paint” the livery of the car body, throwing virtual “bucketfuls” towards the stand display;
  • A needle to “sew” the finishing of the fabrics of the interior;
  • A pneumatic gun to “tighten” your favourite wheel rims.

The items in the installation include, from left to right, a needle to “sew” the fabrics of the interior, a bucket of paint to “paint” the car body and a pneumatic gun to “tighten” your favourite wheel rims.


Graphic summarizing the main elements of the installation of the Fiat 500 to the Geneva Motor Show in 2010.

The main display of the stand allows you to view the whole configuration of the new Fiat 500 in real time.

500 screen

The interactive display has been designed to receive all input data from the configuration choices made by the visitors to the stand. Being able to view in real-time changes to colours, wheels and interiors has been highly successful in terms of critics and participation at the Geneva Motor Show in 2010.

Involvement, fun and passion, lived with excitement for feeling the new Fiat 500 as yours. Not any car. A true icon of Italian car design.
Mission accomplished.

500 lingotto

The new Fiat 500 in the scenery of the “bubble” of Lingotto, during night time, designed by architect Renzo Piano. This elements of tradition and culture of Turin are renewed in the new mission of FCA (FCA credits,

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