A B2B tool to configure and manage dealers’ purchase orders worldwide

Client: SPARCO


Automate the creation and management of dealers’ purchase orders to the manufacturer (B2B).


A cloud-based configurator and order manager, accessible from any device with a web browser.

Sparco’s Custom Easy configurator offers an innovative solution, re-interpreting the long-established scheme “Configure, Price and Quote” (CPQ) used for industrial production and adapts it to the purchase experience of a garment that combines technique, style and unparalleled performance.

Sparco is a world leader in the production of racing garments and accessories. Its products are renown and sold all over the world: Sparco Custom Easy Order Configurator is a solution to configure and manage purchase orders on a global distribution network.


Sparco’s goal has always been very clear: to digitise and automate its old purchase order managing system, which had dealers manually fill in all orders. It was a very complicated procedure, both for the technical complexity of products like Sparco racing suits, and for the lack of time efficiency between the order and the actual beginning of production: each purchase order had to be received, processed and reworked.

The Custom Easy configurator has been designed to offer an innovative solution, inspired by the long-established scheme “Configure, Price and Quote” (CPQ), used in industrial production. This pattern has been adapted to the purchase of a garment that combines technique, style and unparalleled performance: these are the hallmarks of Sparco.

From a technical point of view, Custom Easy is a cloud-based real-time configurator, accessible from any web browser through a private login. This feature allows dealers to use Custom Easy on any device. The application is optimised for use in both desktop (Windows/Mac) and mobile (iOS/Android) environments, without requiring the installation of any plugin. Custom Easy is available in various languages,​ selectable from a drop-down menu.

sparco custom easy configurator

Custom Easy is a tangible example of how the digitalisation of processes translates into real advantages for companies like Sparco, willing to invest consistently in innovation. A digital configurator and purchase order manager do what was already done with conventional methods, though much faster, safer and more efficiently, with the possibility of adding many options and controlling every aspect of the supply chain in real-time (credit: Protocube Reply)


A real-time configurator is an ideal solution to handle the customer experience, both online and in-store, thanks to its extreme operational flexibility. For its e-commerce application, Sparco chose to create an advanced 3D configurator, with such a degree of realism that minimises the perceptive distance between the digital product and the real product, whilst in the retail sector the priorities were different since the customer experience was diverse.

In the shop, Sparco’s customers are always assisted by the retailer, who guides them through every stage of the purchase, personally handling the order. With Custom Easy, Sparco has chosen to create an ad-hoc platform, based on a 2D configurator equipped with an essential interface (both touch and point-and-click), which allows users to perform quickly and safely all the operations needed to configure and generate the order.

sparco custom easy - riepilogo ordine

The Custom Easy configuration process ends with the creation of the purchase order, whose summary automatically highlights all the visual aspects and the parameters needed for production. At the operational level, the summary of the order contributes to generating engagement and confidence in the customer, who can immediately preview what his Sparco racing suit will look like, without having to “trust” exposed models and generic samples, as happens in traditional sales procedures (credit: Protocube Reply)


The implementation of a configurator and order manager such as Custom Easy generates several tangible and measurable advantages for the company, including:

  1. Easy-to-use interface: automating and standardising the order, based on the product catalogue. All configuration options are just a click away;
  2. Considerable reduction in orders processing time and, consequently, in delivery time to the final customer;
  3. Significant reduction of errors, through constant visual control (real-time rendering of product configurations) and automatic application of the choices made (no intermediate steps, no risks of interpretation);
  4. Preview and graphic summary of the final order, for the producer, for the dealer and the customer;
  5. Real-time updating of the product catalogue and configurable options, eliminating the possibility of requesting obsolete solutions;
  6. The possibility of autonomously managing multiple commercial regions and channels, offering dealers only the catalogue options that are available in their sales area;
  7. Possible integration with the individual dealers’ e-commerce tools (B2B2C)
sparco custom easy b2b tool

The Custom Easy order summary gives users total control of every aspect related to orders and production in real-time. The dialogue between Sparco and its dealers is totally automated (credit: Protocube Reply)

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