Words. Create Your Story. By Milor

Words. Create Your Story. By Milor


Client: Milor Group


To customize the MILOR rings for B2B and B2C Omnichannel strategies.


Retail, mobile and web app 3D Customizer with e-commerce integration and management platform (back office).

Searching for the uniqueness of the most intimate moments in the words written on a ring. Milor’s challenge is a digital experience that can offer users a personal, direct and realistic relationship with the product. A result made possible thanks to a 3D configurator based on a rendering technology that displays in real-time all the modifications made on the ring.

Jewelry must be designed to satisfy every single woman’s vanity with a commitment to ensure the best possible quality“.

Joseph Mouhadab, founder of Milor

Create Your Story. Customize your Ring

In its historical evolution, the ring has always stood out as the most symbolic jewel ever; an opportunity to celebrate an event, a bond, an important story to be told. Words is a concept created by Milor to write and transmit our most intimate emotions to loved ones. A constant search of uniqueness which translates into the customization of the product.

Words_3d Configurator

Words is a ring that is customizable thanks to a set of symbols and letters. (Credits Milor Group)


From the very beginning, the Milor challenge resided in customizing the Words ring by developing a digital experience able to offer all users a realistic and direct contact with the product. To meet this need, the 3D Configurator developed by Protocube Reply implements a 3D rendering technology that displays all the customizations made to the ring in real time.

The UI/UX design phase, which saw the constant collaboration with the Milor design team, led to the definition of a linear configuration process characterized by the following steps:

  • Selection of the ring model;
  • Customization of the text and emoticons;
  • Choice of the number of lines;
  • Choice of material;
  • Selection of the size;
  • Configuration summary and definition of the final order;
  • (Optional) Sharing of the configuration;
Milor 3d Configurator Customizer 01

Step 1 – The choice of the Words ring model from the presets to be customized. (Credits Milor Group)

Milor 3d Configurator Customizer 02

Step 2 – A convenient keyboard allows you to “write” on parts of the ring with custom letters and gems. (Credits Milor Group)

Milor configuratore 3d anello

Step 3 – Words is available with one to five lines, all customizable. The text can dynamically adapt to the various design configurations planned for the ring. (Credits Milor Group)

Milor configuratore 3d anello

Step 4 – The Words ring offers a choice of five different materials. (Credits Milor Group)

milor configuratore 3d anello

Step 5 – The 3D Configurator supports a size choice from sample sizes of all conventional systems (Italy, Europe, USA) with their relative size tables. (Credits Milor Group)

milor configuratore 3d anello

Step 6 – After completing the customization process, the user can finalize the order by entering all the necessary data (credits Milor Group)

Milor configuratore 3d anello

Step 7 – The final summary screen of the Words ring purchase procedure. (Credits Milor Group)

Milor configuratore 3d anello

The Words 3D Configurator implements a 3D technology that lets the user receive feedback in real time after any customization operation. At any time you can switch to a full-screen mode that allows you to explore the 3D model from 360° in every detail. (Credits Milor Group)

milor configuratore 3d anello

Among the planned tools is a handy helper which describes the 3D Configurator features in a concise and accurate manner. (Credits Milor Group)


The 3D Customizer for the Words ring is implemented to be interfaced in various situations.

  • Anytime, thanks to the mobile app (available for iOS, coming soon to Android).
  • Online, thanks to a web app integrated with the vendor’s e-commerce system.
  • In-store, thanks to an in-store app that can be easily integrated into the exhibits for various retail systems.

Through the teachings and vision of its founder, Joseph Mouhadab, the Milor Group has become a family business that has designed and manufactured jewelry for over 60 years, devoting constant attention to research to satisfy even the most demanding customers. These cutting-edge intentions gave birth to the Custom Division, a team responsible for developing solutions to brand and customize the jewelry through the use of the most advanced 3D technologies.

The Milor Group requirement is to provide both proprietary brands and client companies with a tool that is powerful and simple to use, to support any omnichannel strategy with flexibility. The 3D Customizer supports the Milor Group B2B2C model thanks to a “white label” logic, to allow all client companies to customize the interface with the characteristics of their brand.

The applications include all configuration options for the product. The final consumers have a front end that is limited to ring customization and to the purchasing procedure while vendors can also have reserved access to areas related to management and to a dialogue with the manufacturer.


The 3D configuration applications (mobile app, in-store retail app, web app) are the tip of a very large iceberg and are able to offer to the Milor Group all the process management tools related to the development, production and sale of products. The user configures itself in a similar, centralized manner whether they are a proprietary brand or a client company.

The 3D applications are integrated, with a front-end/back-end logic, with a back office system in continuous implementation that can guarantee a series of essential operations to the Milor Group:

  • User profile management;
  • Remote settings management;
  • Price list management;
  • Management of templates and variants to display (per user);
  • 3D assets management;
  • Management of letter sets and emoticons (per user).

When the Customizers process the final order, the Milor Group is finally able to acquire all the data necessary to proceed with the production and delivery of the products to the users concerned.

For more information: The Protocube Reply 3D Customizers.

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